event: women connect- MENTAL HEALTH

Women Connect, a female focused collective, are hosting an event at the end of the month to challenge the stigma surrounding Mental Health within the creative industry.

The night will include a spoken word performance by up- and-coming artist, Arcadie Poet, a performance by budding rapper, Che Lingo, and a panel talk by employees and creatives from around the UK music scene. Discussing topics such as; funding and financial literacy for creatives, advice on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and how to progress in your career despite industry politics and saturation. There will be an introduction by world-renowned mental health charity, MIND, and an audience-inclusive mental health exercise led by Jess Kangalee


This will be a great opportunity to connect with like minded people as well as getting advice on the best ways to manoeuvre in the industry, to protect you mental health. . Check the flyer below for all the details, and grab your FREE tickets here