For KoKo’s last show before its refurbishment, Wiley was booked to shut the place down. The Godfather burst onto the stage with no introduction as he bodied his first beat with passionate bars and his classic energy. After his first song he stopped to thank everyone in attendance and wheeled up his second tune as Blakie made his entrance.


Blakie matched Wiley’s crazy energy as he skanked across the stage, spitting hard flows and hyping the crowd as he jumped off of the speakers.

Lil Dee came from nowhere to add to the madness, wasting no time jumping on the garage flow to provide the crowd with another round of boasy energy. All three artists were clearly enjoying the performance, freestyling with their faces screwing over old school grime and garage beats.

Midway into the show Wiley asked the crowd who MC’s, and pulled up two crowd members to clash on stage. Both and Wiley joined in to match them as they all seamlessly carried their energy.

Wiley ended the performance giving tribute to JME with ‘Man Don’t Care,’ then Wearing My Rolex. Lil Dee joked we were ‘Lucky to see Wiley at a show,’ which by the sparse crowd you could see that many probably doubted Wiley’s arrival to begin with. Nevertheless, it was still great to see The Godfather.