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And listening to a lot of the songs on the EP, some of them are wholly romance based. I want to know, are any of them based on true situations?

No, not really! I think for me, especially in this current climate of music, there’s a lot of anger in certain records. I like music that makes you feel good, music that makes you feel nice. So, I guess that’s why it’s based like that; but I had another bunch of records that weren’t like that and obviously I was thinking ‘hmmm shall I put them on?’ I wasn’t sure and so I bunched these records together because it’s all about love man! This world has got enough hate and enough craziness going on without us injecting more of that into it.


And, when listening to this EP I feel like it takes me completely from one mood to another, from start to end. Did you feel that when you were collaborating with different artists on the album – that they bought a different influence into the album – did you feel that at all?

I think so! Because, you know, working with Ayo Beats who is a producer and artist who raps and sings, and then also Steff Capella, who also raps and sings, he’s from Kenya, and Sarkodie who’s a rapper as well, I guess, yes. I like different types of music as well so I really wanted to inject that into my project. So, I didn’t want it to be just one type of Afrobeat, I like to experiment – it’s all part of the journey.


Ok, so who was your favourite collab?

On the EP? Ahhh, that’s a hard one. I think the one with me and Ayo actually! The one with me and Steff was good as well! Between these two. It would be too hard to say just one.


I see, the next question is a big one; you’ve been described as ‘One of Africa’s most formidable music creators’. I wanted to know; where and who you’ve drawn inspiration from to get you to that point?

I don’t know – just life really! Good vibes, good energy and good producers, good artists, just good music. Trying to not be afraid of just doing what I feel is right. Listening to different artists from your greats past and present, I think it’s just really important to understand that those people have made a lasting impact in music and, we got to learn from that to not necessarily compete – were here to contribute. That’s the way I look at it so, I listen to loads of different artists, producers and just get that inspiration – from God obviously! You know what I mean? Being someone who’ played in church and that, I get a lot of my inspiration from there as well. I feel I get a good well-rounded set of inspirations like that.