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Interview:  Lauren Demir
Photographer: Gillian Murray
Collages: Annie Mcgill

SKT released his EP ‘Hearts’ a few months back, which he wrote and produced himself. Taking us on a musical journey into his world, the first song ‘No Compliments’, is SKT waking up to the sound of birds chirping. Progressing through the EP, his songs provide a mellow chilled vibe in the latter half. The project is a mix of sound bringing together a blend of his influences which come across prominently in some of the songs. He’s working on perfecting his’ sound which he describes as ‘A love child of rnb and hip hop. The drums are very hip hop but the music itself is very melodic and harmonic.’


After his nan passed away, SKT was motivated to focus on himself and develop his production and mixing skills to become self reliant. 'I don’t need people to show appreciation or gratitude.  I shouldn’t do things to impress other people but I should do them to impress myself and better myself,’ a mature way of thinking for a 20 year old.

Living by himself in new surroundings has given him time to reflect and grow and soak in a different culture. ‘I just feel like when you’re on your own you learn a lot and have a lot of time to think about things.’ Even from being in the clubs and hearing dance music has explore dance production, something he never took an interest in before.

Musical Influences?

Growing up I listened to a lot of garage and bashment that has ingrained itself subconsciously. Kano a lot, a lot of Craig David. People like Adele. Drake, Travis Scott, Nav and Party Next Door. 

Hearts EP

After I dropped my last tape I took a break from music to think about where I wanted to take my sound and I practiced my production. I just wanted to take it on journey progressively through the different sounds. I wanted to showcase all the sounds I managed to work on. As a producer thats what I wanted to show, my ability to cross a different set of sounds but still make it cohesive. I’ve managed to successfully achieve what I wanted to achieve with the tape

Sign as an A&R?

Knucks, he’s the guy. I love his music, i listen to him alot. I just find it mad that he produces as well. 

Listening to atm?

A lot of Young Bane and Kojo Funds. I listen to a lot of the underground, Yiigaa