Catch up with Ric FLO

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Jungle Brown member, Ric Flo, recently released his latest EP, Wake Me Up When I Get Home. Filled with raps and melodies that inspire and cover a range of serious topics, the project is fitting for the settings where we have time to sit down and reflect. Although it must be strange to release music you have been vigorously working on in this current climate. We caught up with him to see how he has been doing, post release and during the pandemic.

How are you doing during this period?

I’m blessed, staying creative and lucky enough to be in a comfortable space I call home. When I made Wake Me Up When I Get Home, I wasn’t in such a comfortable space which is what got me to explore what home meant to me in the latest EP.

What are you doing to stay sane and keep creative?

Creating more music! I have a home studio set up so whilst I have this time on my hands, I’m aiming to make a song a day so by the end of April I have an album.. if we are in isolation for 3 months boy.. il have 3 albums! lol But quality over quantity I want to make sure this next project digs into some subjects that uniquely show who I am as an artist and my growth in expression.

Any new music/book/film/ series you have started to pass the time?
Art film I watched Cecile Emeke herenowthenwhat (2020) which in a twitter debate got me watching Arthur Jafa  'Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death’. I was mind-blown and wanted to know more about his work so I’m on that tangent at the moment of finding out more about his philosophy and process as an artist. Films I definitely recommend Parasite (most creative story I have seen in a while in cinema.) The Netflix series Kingdom (Beautiful cinematography ) Music.. I wouldn’t say new but Saba - Care For Me is one of my favourite albums in past couple years.

Have you learnt anything new about yourself in this period?

Hmm I’ve learnt never been set on one way of songwriting because the wise man knows that he knows nothing. Just give the craft focus, time and inspiring stimulus.


It’s a hard time for a lot of people, any advice to people who are finding it difficult?

Focus your energy within your joy and touch base on a regular with love ones. Feeling connected with love ones will get us all though this. And remember we are all in this together. I have no clue about my finances in a couple months time.. but I can only look into the funding available today, see what opportunities are there, create opportunities and leave the rest up to the universe, a lot of things are not worth worrying about until they arrive.. so stay present, you’ll be fine. And if I can help you based on any of my experience.. I will, hit me up @ricflomusic


How do you think the government is handling the crisis?

Considering our death toll rate from the crisis is not high statistically as anywhere else in the world and our curve is slowing down.. not bad at all. Shutting parks so people take social distancing measures seriously too, I can’t complain. Even had a call sooner than expected from Universal Credit too so think they are doing a great job.


This is a perfect time for people who haven’t heard of you to go and listen to your catalogue, where would would you suggest they start?

I would say listen to my track Fam, I think that will inform a lot about me as an artist, upbringing and purpose. Then check out latest EP release Wake Me Up When I Get Home and then EP which Fam is on - Rise Of The Phoenix. A Boy Called Ric project is the foundation where I found purpose with music. And check out my collective Jungle Brown - they call us a UK Tribe Called Quest so you already know the vibes. 


What’s the first thing your going to do when this is all over?

Good question.. See friends in real life - that’s a good start. Schedule some jam sessions/collabs with other musicians.  Do some unisolated music videos possibly. Book a holiday if I have money.