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Rachel foxx 

headline show

Written by: Lauren Demir
Photos: David Franco

Rachel Foxx had her sold out headline show last week, in an intimate venue in her hometown of Hackney. Supported by a live band, Jamal Woon and Complexion on the decks it was a night of groove and funk. 

Jamal Woon set a chilled laid back tone, singing alongside a bass and guitar. His voice is faultless and sounds just as impressive as he does online. He said he had taken a break from music and only got back into it when Rachel asked him to support. Despite this hiatus he looked comfortable and at ease on set as he performed his songs, and engaging with the crowd.

Rachel was fashionably late to the stage. When she did arrive, her voice immediately captured everyones attention as she went into her first song without hesitation. She performed songs from her last EP Rachel Foxx and her current project Blue Moon as well as her latest single. Watching Rachel perform adds a whole new element to her songs. You believe every word thats she's singing with such confidence and ease. It’s not often you see a singer perform live with such conviction, volume and control all with a smile on their face. Rachel is definitely someone to see, as her deep tone and music are both refreshingly different. The only criticism of the night is that the venue was so packed it wasn’t until the end that I could appreciate her matching velvet outfit, but now I know for next time to get to the front early. We look forward to what she has coming next year. Make sure to check out Blue Moon and check out her latest single below.