NEW MUSIC: Prynce MIni - gbm

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words: Nicola Tagoe

Storming back onto the scene with his self-produced offering, GBM is an emission of Prynce MINI’s ‘raw emotion’. This confessional tells the tale of an introvert who’s had enough of putting everybody else first. So many lines stand out for their brazen honesty, but what’s most exciting about this single is how clear it is he has a chip on his shoulder. And we all know some of the best work is created when people feel they have something to prove, and they’re done asking ‘When will the tables turn?’ In Prynce MINI’s case, whether he’s proving it to those who tried ‘robbing [him] of all his worth’, or just proving it to himself, the sheer determination and focus behind this particular track is undeniable.


Even by his own admission when we caught up with him, Prynce told us, “Out of all the records I’ve ever made, this is one that will forever serve a purpose. Because for me, it marks the end of a very dark period in my personal life. It brings me back to those moments every time I listen to it. And I’m thankful and feel blessed that I’m able to do that with music. And I hope that people feel that too. Because for me, I feel like that’s what music is about. Just being human and connecting with…humans. Making them understand, we all feel the same. So I’m sure there are people that can relate. And that’s the beauty of it, you’re not alone.’

As he proudly declares ‘God bless me, so mi can’t lose’, Prynce MINI effortlessly treads the line between vulnerability and grit with an ease that shows us that ready or not, he’s coming. Listen to the song below.