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Micah million

Interview:  Lauren Demir
Photographer: David Franco
Collages: Annie Mcgill

Up and coming artists Micah Million came into the limelight when a snippet of his song Hit You Up went viral on twitter and everyone was demanding for the full video to be dropped. Since it has been released on GRM Daily the video has 216,000 views in the space of 2 months and Micah Million has all eyes on him. The 18 year old artist from Roehampton has been making music for a long time and has a clear musical ear, utilising different melodies and flows in his songs to produce his own unique sound. When it comes to his talent Micah seems self-assured, proving his abilities in his SBTV Warm Up Sessions, Link Up TV Freestyle and on a NewGen Radio set. Studying music management at Ealing University, which is his back up plan if being an artist doesn’t work, he’s willing to put his all in as he understands how fickle the music game is. We met up with him to find out a little bit more about Micah Million.

Musical influences growing up?

I grew up listening to Wretch, Chip, N Dubz. You know they had proper middle 8s, the chorus had a proper structure and that. They are my influences, to make music with a vision for playlist charts and all that kind of stuff. Thats what motivated me to do that, instead of just doing the normal drill.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s not always changing but I’m always experimenting. Whatever comes out of that experiment, if it’s beautiful it gets used. There is no sound I want to focus on because Micah Million is any genre.

How’s juggling music and studying?

Music management is a tough course. I’m learning how to be a manager on the course so it’s just thinking of stuff in a different way. I’m around stuff like studio all the time now, so I understand a lot more things than people do in the class. I’m an artist, but being a manger that’s my back up.

Who would you want to sign as an A&R?

Yxng Bane, he’s good still. Last year I was listening to Bane every single day. The moves he done and what he’s doing now is mad. Lone Wolf was different. Myself of course. There are a lot of young people right now if they had the right guys they’d be sick. People like my friends, I’d have them on my label.

Favourite song at the moment?

My most played at the moment is Shape Of  You Ed Sheeran Bane remix. I just like the beat and the twist, that’s on my playlist when I’m on the train to the studio.

Colloborate, cover a song or never listen to again?

Devlin, Chip or Dave?

Oh my days that’s so tekky… Okay never listen to again would be Devlin. Not in a bad way but his music back then is so different to whats he’s doing right now. I’d love to collaborate with Chip and cover Dave Wanna Know, but not the one that blew up, the one before. 

Yxng Bane, Dave, Aj Tracey?

That’s so hard you know. I’d collaborate with Aj Tracey because his thing is so patterned, he’s hard. Do a cover of Yxng Bane Doubted Me and never listen to Dave again. Dave’s my guy though, he’s my guy.

Favourite bar you've written?

When I was 14 I did a freestyle ‘Back with a winner flow/ I got ambition I’m driven the feeling winners know/ I’m getting older and colder like I’ve been in the snow/ I’m killing all these rappers and singers so I can take the throne.’

Favourite bar you've heard?

Mark D Intent Freestye ‘It’s hard to enjoy the fundamentals when the fun really turn a nigga mental’ Because everyday is fun but it might be done tomorrow.

2017 plans?

We’re going to push the Hit You Up release for a little while. Then we’re coming with the madness. Wizzy Wow  is going to be there, it's going to be a movie coming very soon. I don’t know whats going to come, because last week I didn’t know stuff this week was going to come. Hit You Up is out right now on iTunes, Spotify Apple Music so stream and support that.