NEW MUSIC: Miles From Kinshasa - No Fair, No Way/ Pretend

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Miles From Kinshasa (MFK) is back with two new songs, No Fair, No Way and Pretend.

Both self produced by the eclectic artist, the songs both have that 80’s influence that MFK is known for. No Fair, No Way is the more upbeat song of the two, with an electronic sounding beat. Singing about a girl who has done him dirty and wants to get back involved in his life, MFK is letting her know there is ‘no way’. Pretend is the more mellow and heart felt of the duo. Starting with some drums, Miles is singing powerfully about the façade in relationships. 

To accompany the two singles, Miles From Kinshasa is dropping merchandise in the form of ‘BUKUSU MAYBE’ t-shirts which you can buy here. Miles From Kinshasa is one of those artists who is creating his own lane for himself thanks to the originality in his music. Make sure to check out both songs below, if you haven’t listened to them already.