Catch up with MEron t

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Meron T is a vocalist, singer-songwriter from South London. Her music combines the sweet sounds of Neo-Soul, topped off with Bossa Nova style vocals, influenced by the global spectrum of Jazz, Soul and R&B. We caught up with her to see how she has been doing. 


How are you doing during this period?

Honestly, I’ve been very up and down. But I feel myself slowly stabilising. I’m starting to accept the erratic nature of my emotions. It’s starting to sink in that there’s no sense in putting anxiety fuelled time pressures on myself, because this is our lives for the time being. So I’m starting to forgive myself for not going at 100mph, and accepting that there’s no need to. 


Sanity first. Product second. 


What are you doing to stay sane and keep creative?

I’m using this period to slow down and work on things about myself that I normally push aside and avoid. I’ve taken up yoga, I’m getting back into reading again and creatively I’ve gone back to square one, teaching myself guitar theory and applying it to my guitar/ piano skills so I can really unlock production. 


Any new music/book/film/ series you have started to pass the time?

Today I started reading Chakras by Tori Hartman. Obviously, I jumped on the Tiger King hype and finished that. In terms of music, I’ve been bumping the new PND album a lot, and getting acquainted with the new Jhene Aiko album. 


Have you learnt anything new about yourself in this period?

This is an ongoing process. I wouldn’t say I’ve learnt anything new as such, but more so being reminded of the things have needed addressing and finally having the time to confront them.

It’s a hard time for a lot of people, any advice to people who are finding it difficult?

Use this time to count your blessings. This is a rare opportunity we have been given as a society to slow down and actually have time for our mental wellbeing. We’re always too busy running away from our problems to sit with them, accept them and face them head on. This is the time for us to take as long as we need to find that inner peace, with no pressure from the outside world. Cherish it. 


How do you think the government are handling the crisis?

Horribly. I think it took them too long to react. They got complacent, and prioritised trade over public health. 

But what do you expect from a government that have corroded away at our national health service for the past decade, and left us in an socio-economic situation where we lack the resources and infrastructure to deal with the magnitude of the situation we find ourselves in. 


Why are public workers (NHS staff, bus drivers etc..) still not being given protective gear but expected to carry on serving the country? 


Why do we still not have an adequate number of testing facilities to ensure the nation are tested? 


Are we still planning to deport most of the ‘heroes of the NHS’ when the new immigration laws come into affect next year? 


How are you going to stop us from plunging into recession once this is over, and how are you going to ensure that the vulnerable don’t continue paying for it with their lives?


Sadly these are questions that I have for the government that will likely go unanswered. 


This is a perfect time for people who haven’t heard of you to go and listen to your catalogue, where would u suggest they start?

I’d suggest listening to one of my earliest singles ‘Hunny’ produced by Sey G, before moving on to my debut EP - Mirage - which came out at the end of November last year. It’s a short 5 track project (15 minutes total) so I’d highly recommend listening from start to end, as this is how the story of the project flows. My favourites on the EP are ‘Escape’ produced by emo the optimist and ‘Can We’ produced by Paya. My music can be found on all the main streaming platforms. 


What’s your first thing you’re going to do when this is all over?

RAVE. I’m gonna dance my life away.