Catch up with MAX RAD

We caught up with singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist MAX RAD. For the past few weeks in quarantine, he has dedicated his time to recording an EP ‘Songs From Isolation’, with all proceeds donated to the NHS. We spoke to him to find out how he has been dealing with everything. 

How are you doing during this period?

I'm alright. All pretty mad really. Staying home and keeping safe.


What are you doing to stay sane and keep creative?

I have got a small studio set up where I am, so I'm able to work, so actually finding this a good time to make music and finish off a lot of stuff that has been lying around. 


Any new music/book/film/ series you have started to pass the time?

I watched 'Tiger King' in its entirety in about 3 days which was a hell of a trip. Need some recommendations on the film front though - anyone that has any ideas, chuck them over. Any kind of psychological thriller, or murder mystery or something. Anything that's got a twist in it. I'm sold.


Have u learnt anything new about yourself in this period?

Apart from feeling pretty anxious about the state of the world, I've actually been enjoyed the calmness of staying home. It's quite nice to tap out of all the running around and just lay low for a bit. Sometimes you have to get out and about, so I've been going for walks keeping 2 metres apart from people obviously, but I've just been taking it quite slowly and have found that to be quite good.

t’s a hard time for a lot of people, any advice to people who are finding it difficult?

Keep in touch with loved ones as much as possible, try and stay positive and grateful for what you've got. Channel your energy in to something positive, do the things that you've wanted to do for ages but have been putting them off for whatever reason. Try and use the time as best you can and be kind to yourself 


How do you think the government is handling the crisis?

Ah man, it's hard to say really. it's pretty unchartered territory so we'll see how things look in a year or two and maybe know a bit more. Right now it kind of feels like the blind leading the blind


This is a perfect time for people who haven’t heard of you to go and listen to your catalogue, where would u suggest they start?

I'd start from the bottom up - go and check out 'Carousel', which was my first single I dropped, then just work you way through it. I recently released an EP called 'Save Me From Myself (pt I)', so go and have a look at that, and then most recently I dropped a mixtape called 'Songs From Isolation' - all proceeds are going to support the NHS so you can get that on my bandcamp page.


What’s your first thing your going to do when this is all over?

Head straight to the pub I reckon.