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On August 24th, Paysh is sharing her ‘Love is?’ photo exhibition in Hackney. Exploring relationships and interpersonal connections between people, Paysh explains what motivated her to document this, "The project was inspired by love and not so much what love means to me but more so how it is interpreted by people and how it can be communicated through image. I decided to title the exhibition 'Love is?' because I wanted it to be self-reflective. What does love mean to you as a sister? Lover? Mother?"


topic we can relate to all in our own way, music provided by AAA and Intalekt and free entry there is no excuse to miss this event. Paysh has learnt more about love from putting together this exhibition, "I have been inspired by my friends, strangers and life. Love is everywhere, love is in all of us and love is in me. I think what I have learnt most about love through the journey of documenting this project has been simply to continue giving love." Check out the flyer below for more details.