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words: Kofi Oteng

Louis VI returns with a new track, Station Wagon. Last year saw the release of this acclaimed album Sugar Like Salt, streamed over two million times, as well as recognition from the PRS Foundation who named him as one of their twelve Emerging Artists for that year. However, Louis VI’s respect amongst music connoisseurs predates 2018 - namely, with his contribution to the Neo-Soul/Funk/Hip Hop collective, OthaSoul. Building on the momentum he has garnered over the last few years, and with co-production from fellow OthaSoul member, Dozer Carter, Station Wagon furthers his unique Jazz inspired sound, yet with a trap inflection. 

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This 7 minute song opens with Louis exclaiming, “I should talk less, I should write more…”, almost proudly acknowledging his musical ability. On the hook, however, he reassures as us listeners “there’s no way I’m bragging”, as he jokingly paints the picture of pulling up in a beat down station wagon. Louis’ voice tap-dances on the beat, as he shares his ironic take on identity and materialism in Hip Hop, whilst the live instrumentation provided by Paul Wale on Bass and Pete Johnson on Guitar adds an interesting depth to the track.


Catch Louis VI at his second headline how at Ghostnotes on 21st February as well as a short film coming out in March! Listen to Station Wagon below.