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Written by: Hana Raage

When confronted by constant rejection and having his ideas fall on deaf ears, Ty Rochester decided to form a collective. After graduating in Film Production and Design and finding the industry difficult to fit in, Rochester found himself in a place where creating a situation for himself was the only option. LDNRBS was born out that frustration.

We sat down with Ty and Tremaine of LDNRBS after their show on Pulse88 Radio and spoke about the process that lead to the beginning of LDNRBS. Beyond the platform and hub of creativity that is lead by LDNRBS, there’s a large collective of people that Ty describes as ‘Intelligent, Artful and Creative’. Who enjoy talking about ideas and making ideas happen.

A high motivational drive and a commonality makes LDNRBS a highly effective outlet for musicians, photographers, filmmakers and producers. The one thing that was consistently repeated throughout the interview was the concept of ‘Organic’; from the group itself, to ideas manifesting. We spoke to Ty and Tremaine about their plans with and for LDNRBS and what to expect.


I stumbled across it, about a year and a half ago officially. I had friends that I believe were very intelligent and artful and creative and I felt like there was no platform for us, no matter what we were doing. I was surrounded by people that were talented but it would fall on deaf ears. They’ll do something creative and no one was listening. That frustrated me too, because I knew that I was just as smart as a lot of people in certain positions but I couldn’t do anything. LDNRBS came from that.

At first, it was let’s join together and put out our own content, let’s not wait for anybody. I started organically recording our conversations in podcast form and then I put it out. Over time, it gained momentum and the one podcast that was the turning point was the Kendrick Lamer, J. Cole and Drake, that one was a game changer. We had ambitions to do other stuff but at that point we were just doing podcast. Climax reached out to us and wanted to talk and then from that point it everything happen.

There is a few of us that look into new things. I am a geek. I am obsessed with going online and finding new things. That is my thing. I find it exciting; to find what’s next in any field, anything and we have caught a lot of people before it happened. I take pride in that, I am so passionate about that, who knows where my story is gonna end up being. I want to find people with great talents that maybe big, mainstream people are even checking. I want to really create our own culture.


I'm in love with music, always have been. My brother was a massive garage & old hip hop fan, whilst my sister was a 90s R&B person, I’ve had that fusion, and my parents listened to reggae, constantly. So, I’ve always been around music and I always knew I wanted to be around it, behind the scenes in the studio and really make a cohesive project and that’s what happened with Shades. So we looked for all the people that we thought were going to be ‘Next’ and made a conceptual tape. It was none of that ‘send me a song so I could put it in, and I want to emphasise that I didn’t want it to be a ‘compilation’.

I feel that in the UK we are not pushing R&B, and doing it properly. It isn’t pushed properly. Even though shades isn’t predominantly R&B, at the same time, I wanted to create something that is proper. I’m always in my emotions. Shades, is a something we released on Valentines day. Its about the fact that on vday whether you were with someone or not, and you look online, the reality does not match up with what is actually happening. In the sense that you could be really hating someone in your real life but what you see on TV etc. is love. Therefore, ‘Shades’ is the reality. It’s everything.


Shades reloaded is the next up and coming project, which we’ll have a listening party for. The people on there, I’m telling you…Oh my god. The music is very spiritual, and filled with feeling and concepts. Real good music. Something I don't think has been done for a while in the UK... Shades Reloaded is Shades amplified and I’m telling you oh my gosh, if people loved Shades.  It will be coming out probably September, and we’ll do a listening party too.

Summer over winter

Purely for the fact that it’s always going to be summer over winter for me, any day. ‘Summer Over Winter’ is a feeling. I love summer more than anything. I love the feeling. I just remember all the time, the stuff I went through in the summer, all the time. The benchmarks of your life, always in the summer for me. I remember it.

It’s also the launch of our label that we are going to be pushing. We are having a 25-minute slot, where one DJ, Alia Loren of Rinse FM, will be coming on and going through songs, to gas the crowd and then we’ve got Ralph Hardy, who I respect massively. He’s going to come on, to have his 25 minutes and they are just going to be coming up one against another, to get the crowd going. With Hudson East there, with Rendezvous at Two, with all of them. It’s going to be unreal.

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