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Kieron boothe

lone wolf SHOW

Written by: Hana Raage
Photos: @JrelzMedia

Suave Society & The Pit LDN presented Kieron Boothe’s first headline show which took place at The Old Blue Last. To showcase his ‘Lone Wolf’ trilogy, Kieron Boothe sought some support from friends including Society of Alumni, Eklipse, Aneesa Marie, Carlie Blaque, Banditsu, Rageouz, Giorgia Lo and 4i. The Lone Wolf show was different to your standard headline show in that Kieron Boothe himself was hosting, making it a unique experience.

Amongst the many incredible performances, one of the acts that stood out were Society of Alumni (SOA). They opened up the show with friendly competitiveness on stage which definitely had the audience paying attention. A few technical difficulties did not appear to bother them, as they continued to shine and deliver an outstanding performance to a background of lo-fi/jazz hip hop.

Another notable performer was Carlie Blaque, who smoothly took us through a slower R&B influenced track. It really highlighted his rich soulful voice. Blaque rendition was enjoyable and got the crowd ready for the upcoming showcases. 


However, the noteworthy thing about the show, was the absence of a Kieron Boothe set. Rather Boothe seemed to prefer performing with the other acts on stage. Expressing both Kieron’s flexibility and his overall well-rounded nature as an artist. This could be seen in the eclectic mix of performances ranging from soulful R&B such as Aneesa Marie to Grime by Rageouz and Eklipse. Occasionally, Boothe would perform a track in between guest sets, connecting the various ambience between each performance, confirming how well executed the headline show was.

Despite, the overall mellowness of the evening, it by no means meant the audience were disinterested. During the typical call and chorus into the audience, a responsive crowd was met. It was a night of appreciating music and fully experiencing the ‘Lone Wolf’

feat. Kieron Boothe Lone Wolf Show
feat. Kieron Boothe Lone Wolf Show
feat. Kieron Boothe Lone Wolf Show
feat. Kieron Boothe Lone Wolf Show
feat. Kieron Boothe Lone Wolf Show