Catch up with keko

North West London artist Keko produces a vast range of records. From hard-hitting trap records which are perfectly geared to live shows to get the crowd jumping and singing along, in addition to melodic rap records which give a certain luminance to his tracks. We caught up with him to see how he's doing.

How are you doing during this period?

Weirdly enough I’m finding it quite calm, I’ve been needing to take time to retrospect but have neglected that, I’ve been on go-mode since May 2019. 


What are you doing to stay sane and keep creative? 

I’ve come up with a morning routine that consists of prayer, exercise, reading, journaling, and writing. Writing verses and journaling have played a big part as they’ve allowed me to articulate and read my own thoughts instead of having them just flying around my head 


Any new music/book/film/ series you have started to pass time?

I’ve watched a whole load of films and taken out about 12-free trials with Now TV lmao. The one movie I’d say that’s stuck out to me during this period is “Spirited Away”. I love movies that you can take something away from and this is definitely one of them, thanks to Emily for suggesting. 


Have you learned anything new about yourself in this period?

Yes, that I sleep on myself way too much. This quarantine period has forced everyone to face their demons as you’re stuck with yourself. One thing I’ve battled with is self-doubt, I’m my own worst critic but I’ve learned to be a little easier on myself. It’s a work in progress, I know it’s something that’s gonna take years to fully carry out.

It’s a hard time for a lot of people, any advice to people who are finding it difficult?

A wise man once said “Tough times never last, only tough people last laughing” but nah in all seriousness hang in there once this is over you’ll appreciate everything 100x more even the smallest things like walking to the shops. Adversity is always an opportunity for growth. 


How do you think the government is handling the crisis? 

I mean I understand they’re doing everything they can or at least they say they are but yeah it’s just not good enough if I’m being honest. There were promises of grants for working people, to be able to take off time during this period but people are still having to go in and work because that’s just nowhere to be seen. 


This is a perfect time for people who haven’t heard of you to go and listen to your catalogue, where would you suggest they start?  

I’d say listen to my debut EP ‘Kontrolled Khaos' is the closest thing to the mental space I’m in now. 


What’s the first thing you're going to do when this is all over? 

Definitely go to the studio, I miss it so bad.