NEW MUSIC: Kadiata- blind this summer

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Words: Amara Barrett Willett

Blind This Summer, Kadiata’s first full release album is here. 


Kadiata has never been afraid to bring a new sound to the rap scene.  Whether it’s as a producer, creating intricate head bopping beats for Sam Wise and Che Lingo, or as a rapper changing the sound of summer with bops like Margherita, or the iconic Art Hoes. Kadiata brings the listener into his world of late summer evenings, sweet ones and sometimes heartbreak.


There is something distinctly London about Blind This Summer. From the hi-tempo garage inspired beat on Blindside, to the outro of Pray For Me,  this album is a story of summer in the city; meeting a girl (who doesn’t want to seem too interested) and enjoying the season of sun with her. Kadiata is exploring a summer so familiar to all of us, it’s difficult to tell the difference between your experiences as a listener and Kadiata’s as the artist.


Bebigerl, one of the standout tracks of the album, and the first single to be released from the project is a hazy call for a sweet one to come and share the love. Kadiata shows us his rap skill, but also his ear for melody and his ability to take explicit bars and have the listener not even raise a brow. Delete My Number is an upbeat song, from the bassline to the chirpy melody Kadiata sings over. But he brings contrast in the lyrics, telling a girl to delete his number, his social media accounts and more because he “doesn’t have the energy” anymore. This is one of my favourite tracks, and if you’re a sucker for contradictions you’ll love this too.


This album is full of influences, from the lofi guitars in Lifestyle to the UK Garage staccato beat in Blindside. Listening to the project in full takes you on a tour of the musical influences that have shaped the sound of Kadiata. This album was made to be enjoyed with friends in a garden while the sun sets, and post social distancing when we’re all free, this album will bang in that exact setting. - I promise you all.