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Kadiata is a 23 years old artist from Pimlico. Seeing him at the Ace hotel a couple months back he seemed very much at home on stage. Performing in front of a warped projection of himself (a last minute idea of his), with a contemporary dancer, he managed to dominate the audience. On his latest single ‘Onda’ (wave in Spanish) he cooly sings and raps about his casual encounters with women ‘So many bad b’s, I’m trying to bag 3’ over an easy going beat which he produced. Kadiata is a creative guy. His ability to sing, raps and produces gives him the confidence to play around with his sound. Another track of his,‘Dumb’, the video of which dropped on SBTV earlier this year (he produced, wrote and edited the video) is a lot more of a darker sound with a gritty beat. He decided to learn as many skills as he could from early when he realised, ‘No ones got you like you’ve got you,’ and it’s paid off. We caught up with him to try and get into the mind of Kadiata.



I remember the 1st bars I wrote. It was halloween I was in year 5, I went to school with some bars, gassed. From there in secondary school I met a few other people that wrote bars and formulated a little team. Usually in a council estate everyones on music or football, in Pimlico everyone was just on being a footballer. So I’ve had to learn everything from scratch and do everything for myself. I would listen to mainly hip hop, Eminem, 50 Cent all of those guys. When I listened to Kano and Wiley thats when I saw its possible, seeing other UK people doing it. An artist has never broken out from Pimlico.  Everyone used to spit bars but not a serious thing. I feel I’m the 1st person round here thats trying to do music seriously and actually want a career. 

making music

Whether or not people like my music, whether or not I make it [as an artist], I don’t give a fuck. I have genuine passion for music. I don’t really sound the same to anyone, I’m not jumping on a bandwagon. I don’t want to boy anyones craft but this electronic [music] everyone makes sounds weird. Use technology as a tool, not the main element. If it’s working for you thats your hustle, but I guess I stand for something different. Anything I go through I turn into a song; my mum catching me selling weed, breaking up with a girl, a crazy experience on New Years Day-good stuff, bad stuff, as long as it resonates with people. I’m very hard on myself, I might release 2 or 3 songs a year. What I want is people will play those songs 2 years from and now like ‘This was a tune you know.


I fucking love Skepta I’ve been listening to him for a long time. I don’t think Skepta is the greatest but the things that he does are always groundbreaking. He knows his craft and I fucking respect that. I respect Giggs because of what he has done but I prefer Giggs when he spits slow I’m not gonna lie. He's still doing his thing though. I’m not going to deny the influence 80’s, early, 90’s, and 2000’s pop music has had on my music. From Chaka Khan ‘Ain’t Nobody’, to Blue, to Robbie Williams. Pop music back then had way more replay value then now. Not that I was born in the 80’s but I’ve done my research. 80’s pop music, the symphs started coming about, it was musical. I use a lot of 80’s nymphs in a lot of my music.

Listening to

I listen to a lot of my boys like Miles from Kinshasa and Le Grande. Made in the Manor was sick, I got the vinyl. When an artist first releases their project, I’ll wait to listen to it in my own space, with no influences. I listen to a lot of Drake, Kanye and J Cole. Sometimes I hate being called a rapper because so many are shit. Especially being unknown, people will be like ‘Oh you’re one of them of them dons.’ So many rappers sound nothing like me, for example Young Thug or Future. I do like them, but there are other people, like Lil B, who I don’t want my name necessarily attached to. More times I’ll just call myself an artist because I sing, I produce my stuff, I design my covers, I create videos. I make art.

Coming Up

I’ve got a few body of works coming, probably one this year… defiantly one this year. But I’ve defiantly got some projects in the works, some videos, some creative shit. I realised everything I’ve dropped sounds different from each other because I hate writing the same book. However I might release some projects based around 1 sound. I want people to know that I can make a cohesive piece of work. I want to prove myself, I want to be self made i’ve still got a lot to prove on my own.