NEW Music: Joey XL - Hold On

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Joey XL has released his latest song, Hold On. Produced by Trigga & FWDSLXSH with additional vocals by JVCK JAMES.

Joey describes making the song, “This song really means a lot to me, it’s something that can be taken from 2 different views and it was really important to me that this is clear throughout the song. There’s the more shallow view of it being about a relationship, about holding on to something that maybe we’re both unsure about but nonetheless, it’s deep and it’s emotional and it’s worth fighting for. But it can also be viewed on a more intimate level relating to our current times. Everyone is uncertain about life right now, we’re surrounded by uncertainty, it’s something we can’t control. But we’re holding on, no matter what we’re going to hold on. It’s timeless and it’s intimate and it’s raw and it’s very very open.”

Listen below.