Introducing: Reppatwa

Meet Reppatwa, the London rapper that’s been making waves in the music scene since 2015 with debut EP ‘Reppalations’. With his quick lyrics and witty flow, you will always be satisfied listening to this artist. He talks of real life experiences and isn’t afraid to tell us of his deepest desires. He represents an era of artists that are refusing to be placed in a box. The ones that are passionate about pushing new sounds and identities. His new project ‘Can I Tell U..” dropped last month, where he takes us on a little trip around the mind of Reppatwa. Expect alte rap flows, melodies and lyrics. 

“The name Reppatwa is a play on words for repertoire. Which means a collection of… I pride myself on being a collection of talent. It’s impossible for me to just describe myself as an artist, or a producer or a writer. I am all of these things and I make sure to show this wholly through my music. Sometimes the name makes me feel like I'm two different people, with different characteristics. But a balance between them are needed to make creating music work.”  

“I started making music when I was 15. But when I dropped [single] Malibu in 2016 is when I realised what I could really do with it. The feedback on that song was immense, it blew up more than I expected it to. It was amazing just to have people listening to my music and enjoying it. But after this moment I became meticulous about everything. I became a bit of a perfectionist which led to stagnation. Because I was making music but not doing anything with it. I became lost for a bit.”

“When I started to release music again, I did it with a different approach. That period of stagnation made me realise that I do want to be a musician and I can’t let the pressure get to me. I’m using my time more wisely and doing the things that I know will help develop my craft. I'm not in a rush to become this big superstar. The aim now is to build up my catalogue and have music for people to enjoy consistently.”

Listen to Reppatwa's latest release Can I Tell U.. here