Introducing: M.I

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Meet M.I The East London musician that is due to blow you away with her singing. Her deep, soulful voice complements her sensual and caring lyrics. She wraps herself in emotions in order to create each song, something each listener can feel. Take song 'Runaway' where she speaks of a desire to fall in love so deep and without fear. A thought that I'm sure we have all had at one point. Her honesty with herself is admirable, which gives her the courage to achieve her goals. Which is liberating for M.I after having surgery to remove lumps on her vocal cords just two years ago. 

“Before I had my surgery, I didn't think I was a good singer at all. But it was a hobby of mine, so naturally I would do it. Realising that I could after my surgery, was an empowering moment for me. So, I decided to take control and focus on working on my art. I decided to stop doubting myself, because I'm the only one really stopping me. I started making goals to smash and now I'm smashing them.”


“I'm very proactive about writing, recording… just the whole making music process. I could never be idle about it because it’s important to me. I feel as though I need to make it; not just for me but for the ones that are coming up after me. They need to see me and believe that they can make it too. Representation matters.”


“My journey is all about doing things that make sense to me as an artist. I need to focus on what makes me different and ensure that translates well to my music. I'm confident with myself and I want that confidence to be portrayed in everything I do. And my next steps are going to stay true to that. 


"Even though I have grown in confidence, I can be my own worst critic. I'm grateful that I have family and friends to help keep me going. Honestly they are so supportive and it makes me feel again, that I'm not just doing it for me. Friendship is an important aspect of life for me, so I have to honour that with the life I live too."