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Guap party 4 review

Words: Thompson Urhiofe
Photos: Gillian Murray
David Franco

GUAP Party 4 was on thursday with a  mixed genre of artists performing live at Birthdays. The atmosphere was definitely a lively one. It was similar to Afro Punk festival; filled with carefree young hipsters who were there for the music and a good time. The night consisted of grime, hiphop, RnB and some bashment. With the likes of; Rich Yett, C Cane, Just Banco through to Octavian feat House Of Pharos, Shauna Shadae feat SNE, Prynce Mini, One Acen feat Hardy, and ending the night with a memorable performance by Ryan De La Cruz who surprised me with a politically charged track. It was a good night of live music.

Not to go into any performance in details but the highlight of the night was definitely C Cane. Faced with technical difficulties her personality shone through and she was able to keep the crowd amused until the DJ dropped her beats which she sung and spat over. Her vocals on the night were not too great but once she switched over to grime there was no debate that she smashed her set. The crowd literally went nuts as she delivered her sick flow over heavy weight grime beats. 

Other noticeable performances were definitely Shauna Shadae with SNE and One Acen with Hardy. Shauna can sing and knows how to perform, plus her chemistry with SNE whilst performing was great to see. The same with One Acen and Hardy who kept the crowd on their toes through their set. They definitely had their fair share of supporters who chimed in and sang along with the duo. 


Overall all all the artists did a great job and it was great to see such a range of talent and styles coming from the UK. There was so much mad energy coming from the artists on stage that was felt by the audience who definitely gave back. Personally I’d like to see more originality in some of the rap/hip hop performances other than the “Designer” style hype/dance and a move away from auto tunes in any UK track. But that’s just my two pence. Well done for Guap for putting on the show!

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