Written by: Lauren Demir
Collages: Annie Mcgill
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Guap Magazine is the worlds first video magazine focusing on UK culture. Their innovative approach utilises the technology of augmented reality. Scan your mobile on the features in the issue and a video interview pops up, giving the virtual reality feel. Previously in their issues they’ve highlighted a host of people doing their thing, with interviews from the likes of J Hus, Yinka Bonniki and Jidenna. Founded by two friends from South London, Ibrahim and Jide not only shed light on musical talent, but also provide opportunities in the creative scene, including photography, writing and presenting. Alongside the magazine, they have put on highly anticipated 'Guap Parties' which have featured SNE, 808 Ink, Prynce Mini and Nadia Rose. It is a party not to miss, the gass levels cannot put into words! Relatively new, Guap has captured the attention of the industry, speaking volumes of the hard work and determination shown by the two friends. We met up with them at Ibrahim's family internet cafe, where they were also joined by Prynce Mini, Richyeet planning their next power moves. We got to find out more about the two friends and what they have instore.


Jide: We conceived the idea January 9th 2015. On that day we celebrated like we won the lottery because we knew that the idea was gold. It initially came from like an investment we had running where it was a bunch of friends coming together working in different concepts and investing together and then Guap was the 2nd project we worked on and it developed as time went on. it initially started off as an online magazine


Ibrahim: it was going to be a visual article so the concept of going round interviewing young artists and young entrepreneurs, young creatives but video instead of written content. We were just going to do it online. There was a networking event, and I spoke to some guy and was telling him about the idea and he was like oh have you heard about AR technology, check it out. I checked it out saw it was sick, showed Jide, found out how we could use it and then yeah.

J: We realised no-one does what we are doing.We used to say UK first video magazine. Now we say the first magazine in the world.


J: Us two are the co founders. We’ve got a young beautiful lady called Sannie who helps us with us with our PR, partnerships and finding talent. We started of as a small team of friends just helping out and then eventually it extended into a marketing team and that kind of stuff. Then we started needing things like writers for our website so we got in with a few writers. The writing team is always changing so the number vary. We also have presenters and photographers that we work closely with.

I: All the projects we do we always try and get a young person involved. Lets say we have a shoot with someone big, we would rather pick someone who is on the come up to shoot the person so they.. or if we’re going to interview someone big we’ll pick someone more unknown and say ‘come present.’ We’ve even given young singers opportunities to do a massive aritsts so we’re all about giving young people opportunities with what we do.


I: We’re trying to expand into doing more and more events. Are most prominent event is Guap party, and the idea behind that was literally to provide a stage for some of the hottest underground talent, and put them in front of people who love music, industry heads; people who just love the culture and literally have a mini festival in a venue.

J: The whole theme and style behind a Guap party is a lituation. You’ve got people skanking their weave out, people jumping in the crowd. I remember stories of people hearing funny noises in the bathroom. Its just a crazy atmosphere, but its still so safe. All of our energy is really family orientated so its just a whole bunch of fun wth vibes and energy. For the launch of our 6th issue, we did an art gallery and that was really cool because that was something different and a bit more on the inspirational side. We also do free events for up and coming musicians.

2017 Plans

I: We’re trying to do more events this year, bigger venues, wider range, branching into fashion and different things. Jide said this one thing to me that time is a man made concept so why wait till the next day to start something. We shouldn’t wait to the start of a new year to get going

J: The start of the year the Guap party and latest issue coming out in the same week. We’ve already built up certain partnerships with certain people and brands which we are looking to working with. And more events, bigger events, growth, more international moves. 2017 will be a big year for us because of how we positioned ourselves last year.


Jackie Eyewe