New music: Fred Fredas Runnin'

words: Hannah Olarewaju

Fred Fredas is back again with a new visual release, ‘Runnin’ feat Aminita Francis and K The Infinite. A thought-provoking message presented in a way that will grab your attention, this visual is insightful, emotional and explained well.


The video highlights the importance of speaking about mental health issues. We witness the lead actor struggle to communicate his issues to his mother and the people around him, unfortunately leading to a tragic end. A very sad but real experience by many in this world. Fred demonstrates his ability to talk about things that aren’t always easy. The lyrics accompany each scene effortlessly, with words of honesty and encouragement to help the lead get through another day. To open up. And to find the strength to speak about the things that are going on internally. ‘Runnin’ is one of those songs, where the message lingers long after the music stops playing. 


The song itself is in classic Fred Fredas style, with his comfortable and laid back flow. Joining him, is soothing vocalist Aminita Francis and K The Infinite. Who kept the theme well, connecting with Fred to create this purposeful song. 


If you want more depth into the mind of a conscious artist, keep your eye on Fred Fredas. Who continues to carve out a space for himself in the industry with his honest observations on the world. Something he does very well on this new song.