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Written by: Lauren Demir

“Its like a proper structure. People are all so curious and so aware that we can all [prosper], no one has to be left behind”.

Crave Moore, 22 year old rapper from Brixton is an artist with a bright future. He opened for Kendrick Lamar at sixteen was listed in Complex’s 10 Tracks That Prove UK Hip-Hop Is Coming Of Age. We met a few months ago when he was briefly in London collecting his PS3 and TV to take back to Berlin. His love for music has him spending plenty of time in the German capital, a decision he made when he was chilling with friends when one mentioned Berlin, and he thought, “Fuck it, I’m gonna go over too, cos why not?” He found a cheap room and stays there all the time. “Everyone’s just so down to vibe, like really vibe and just create.” He explained about the music scene in Berlin, “It’s like a proper structure. People are all so curious and so aware that we can all [prosper], no one has to be left behind”

"...Subconsciously my style, flow and vibe has been structured on that album."

After practising performing arts from a young age, he has chosen to pursue making music. D’Angelo, Jamiroquai and Sade are a few artists he mentions as influences. With Styles P’s ‘Time is Money’ being a major musical influence thanks to his dad, “My dad’s favourite album in the whole world which is such a good [project]. Subconsciously my style, flow and vibe has been structured on that album. For me it’s one of the first albums that has such a gangster vibe while still kind of being quite conscious and quite smooth and still articulate.” Crave Moore’s deep drawl, contrasts with the dreamy beats he drifts over. He doesn't confine himself to one genre; even when he sings, although sounding unrecognisable at first, the songs still have his distinctive mellow essence.

His genuine enthusiasm for music is obvious. He keeps dipping in and out of his friends’ conversations; astonished to hear that one friend has yet to listen to D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’ and constantly suggesting YouTube videos. “I think every musician has their own theory. I think it’s impossible to go into music and do whatever because even when you do whatever -that’s part of your theory. You just randomly say four random bars, but that’s not just a fluke. Something in my subconscious reacted quicker than me and beaten me to the punch in putting that shit together and I just blurted it out.”

He touched on his disdain for the politics that follows music, specifically in London. He emphasised how different the energy is in Berlin as opposed to London, “The way that everyone thinks in London is…They will see opportunities, they could easily phone their boy like, “Yo, this came up. It doesn’t fit me but it’ll fit you” and I know at least 20-30 people that I fuck with in London who would just air that”. Understanding this hostile attitude comes from a place of fear and vulnerability. He still calls it “poison” and seems genuinely baffled. He hasn’t let the London politics put him off though. He appeared in Etta Bond’s ‘Bad 4 U’ video earlier this year and named predominantly UK artists who he’s listening to at the moment, “Sampha, Rejjie [Snow], Jesse [James Solomon], Bonkaz, Sid Stone. Just pretty much my friends man. And then always D’Angelo of course.”


And he’s someone thats always reminded me that you’ve got to let people show they’re true colours."

Craver has 3 pet snakes, one so big and venomous it now lives at his uncle’s. When I ask who he looks up to, he mentions Serena Williams, “She’s just fucking sexy and black.” He recalls a story how “Bossman” from his local chicken shop encouraged him to trust again. “I used to go to the chicken shop down at the end of my road. I stopped doing that because I don’t eat that shit anymore [he’s now a vegan]. I was going in there everyday to buy chicken and chips and sometimes I feel he was reluctant to sell it to me because he knows how bad it is. He’d be like “Ahh…again?” That’s the worst thing you can do for a business, to make someone feel like they shouldn’t be somewhere. And that conflict of interest, his willingness to be kind of a friend outside of his work just made me realise [something]. I think I didn’t trust a lot of people up until kind of recently. He’s someone that’s always reminded me that you’ve got to let people show their true colours.” Its obvious his laid back attitude that comes across in his music, is an extension of his personality and he’s eager to draw inspiration from all around him.


It’s refreshing to see someone who is doing it solely for the music instead of recognition or any acclaim. Crave Moore isn’t seeking approval from any publications, “I’m kind of torn between how I feel about magazines and stuff that comment on the culture, because as much as it felt good to be recognised, who decided that? Who is the judge of all this shit man? Who is making all these rules? I’m grateful but at the same time I’m like, am I? I don’t know.” Despite him scarcely releasing songs, he already has an avid audience anticipating his next release and is sure to make an impact when it drops. Keep your eyes on him.  In the words of Crave Moore, “Stress less and the best will come.” 


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