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words: Hannah Olarewaju

photos: @MaxExposure1

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of experiencing The Intimate Affair: Behind the Scenes live. The project, which was released at the beginning of this month already has a few songs added to my personal playlist. It’s a solid LP, which features reworked tracks from an earlier Intimate Affairs. And if you’ve been an Eklipse fan from the beginning, this was a welcomed surprise. This sensual project creates a sexy vibe, leaving listeners with visual scenes that can really make the mind wander.


Contrasting the heavier grittier rap side of Eklipse, this project emphasises the Eklipse that the ladies really like. With his deep voice and melodies revealing his alluring side. 

The live show complimented the release. With the intimate space, loyal fans and the nearly topless Eklipse. He made it a show worth remembering. A special mention must be given to the other artists that joined him on stage. Nina Alexis with her soothing vocals that opened up the show. Her cool jazz/r’n’b melody kept the crowd focused and interested. Setting the scene for afro-punk rapstress Afro Queen. Who invited us into her world of queendom, with an enlightening narrative and upbeat melodies. She was followed smoothly by artist Nic da Kid, who’s flow got the crowd up and dancing, so when the time came around for Eklipse, the crowd was more than ready. 

Eklipse knows how to perform. For someone who confesses to performing waved most of the time, he doesn’t stumble or forgets his words. He respects the audiences time whilst being interactive and vulnerable on stage. Although not new to the spotlight, you can’t help but appreciate the development. From what he wore, to the way he addressed the crowd and acknowledged everyone who had helped on the project. He gave us a performance of That Bass, which featured the alluring Aneesa Marie. A voice so soft and sultry that the contrast between the two is forces you to pay attention. He also performed favourites ‘Barry’, ‘Ebony’ and even performed ‘Facts’.

The organisation of the show was smooth, there weren’t any extra delays or technical difficulties that affected it. And I feel these things really influence the flow and vibe of a show. It’s was an entertaining evening, which showcased great artists and a really good project. Intimate Affairs: Behind the Scenes is available on all platforms now, so go check it out!