words: Lauren Demir

DC, the artist who gained attention with his freestyles on Twitter then laid low for a while, evidently perfecting his craft with the backing of a label, has not had us waiting in vain. Under The Influence is a ten track project documenting the pressures of his life and the balance of maintaining. The opening track Overdraft, details to the listener where he is his in life at this moment, focusing on the music with the pressures of university debts and family expectations, a sentiment many can relate to. The tape showcases the rapper’s talents of his fluid word play over an array of beats. With songs like Hustla, to the closing song, OG, there is a song for different occasions with DC showing he has something of value to say. We caught up with him post the release of the project.

Congratulations on the release, how’s it been since you released it?

Thank you! It’s been good, I really liked the response people who have listened to it really seem to enjoy it, so I’m happy with the response. 


I remember when I first heard you, you were freestyling and then you went away for a while. You’ve really seemed to develop your sound since then what have you been doing?

Really and truly I’ve been working on the sound and improving. Better bars, flows, trying to make better songs - that’s what I’ve been doing while I’ve been away, just working on the music.

Listening to ‘Under The Influence’ I can hear influences from garage and grime, as well as the current sounds, but you’ve managed to own all the beats, what music have you grown up listening to? 

Growing up I listened to a lot of US hip-hop. Grime was my favourite genre and still is to be honest; in secondary school I listened to all the Tim Westwood Freestyles and Charlie Sloths Fire in The Booths - mainly grime and UK rap with a bit of US hip-hop, that was my thing. 


You mention in OG how you’ve never had an OG to look up to. You seem to know what you’re doing and have a plan in mind. Do you have people who are guiding you in the process or are you trusting your instinct? 

Definitely, it’s not only me I can’t take all the credit it’s more of a group effort which includes management, my mandem as well as the label, so definitely a group effort.


You talk about the balance of working on music and pressures of real-life seeping in, which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. How do you stay inspired on a track? 

It really depends on how I start the track, I couldn’t really say a way to stay inspired but if I start off a track well then it’s easy for me to stay on track and stay motivated.


You’re a very good rapper, with a clear diction. When I first heard you little Simz came to mind, I think because of your tones. Which artists and projects out at the moment have you got on repeat at the moment? 

It’s funny you said that cause at the moment I’m actually listening to Little Simz new album, I’ve also been listening to Koffee a lot I think she’s sick, Knucks, Octavian those are a few I can think of off the top of my head right now.


What do you want people to take from ‘Under The Influence’ when they listen to it?

I want people to take from this that it’s ok to be yourself, unfiltered - I didn’t put a filter up while making this tape I felt like I was being myself and just spitting what was in my mind regardless of how funny it may sound or weird, it’s about speaking your truth. It’s okay to just be yourself.

DC's Under The Influence is out now, which you can listen to here.