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words Lauren Demir

With so much time on our hands, as well as content, it's hard to know where to start for entertainment. Whether it be podcasts, TV shows, films or books, we are grotesquely spoilt for choice. For those who are looking to commit to something new, there is Don’t Alert The Stans. This podcast hosted by three guys - Eden, Nic and Sope - provides insight and deep-dives into all things music; covering songs of old and new, as well as relevant cultural topics.


From the name alone, Don’t Alert The Stans, it is clear that the hosts are bold with their takes and are unafraid of stepping on any fans toes. “We have spoken about stan culture quite a lot, so I knew it was something that was bound to happen; some stans would get annoyed.” And Eden was not wrong. They are on their fourth season and they’ve had Nicki Minaj, Tinashe, Normani and Beyonce fans in their mentions. As Nic explains, “They can’t take critique of their artists.” 

It is these genuine opinions that carry the show. “[Eden] I think for us it’s all about being authentic...I personally don’t want to be an industry voice because it seems that’s what’s (already) being done. We critique loads of artists and we’re honest about it”. These three are also honest about their affection towards certain artists, as Sope tells me, “We do show mad love to people who deserve it. Early on this season I gave a sermon about the greatness of Teedra Moses. Someone who doesn’t get spoken about enough. I went to see her at The Jazz Café. It was my first time seeing her and I gave her proper praise on the show.” 

This all began with Eden and Sope exchanging numbers and debating the current music climate over WhatsApp, “I messaged Sope and was like I think we should have the conversations that we’re having on WhatsApp on a podcast, and he said “I already know who you’re going to ask to be the third person”. It seems like these three were destined to come together. 

What makes this podcast work so well is the chemistry between the hosts. They seem to share similar tastes in music, but also have their own personal interests. “Sope is quite rightly the old head in terms of what he listens to and he has the whole #RespectingLegends movement. Nic, [works] in journalism and he’s more future-thinking, looking across the globe. And then there’s me [Eden], who's slightly more current and doesn’t really worry about the past.” These nuances in their tastes mean that between the three of them, they share a lot of knowledge, not only about the history of music but also about acts on the come-up. These differing points of view prove particularly useful when breaking down topics, as they are able to look at the same thing and each see something different. 

You wouldn’t believe at first they were somewhat anxious to have their opinion out there to the public. ”I [Sope] didn’t feel comfortable with having my voice on the internet. Obviously, I’m a writer so my words are online, but I didn’t know how I felt about being a voice and a public face sharing my opinions”. 

Despite these hesitations, they come across as witty, insightful and as people who know their stuff. Bound to no time constraints, this is the podcast that will dive deep into the likes of Patrice Rushen and Kadeem Tyrell in the same show. Make sure you check it out