Introducing Corella

Meet Corella, a rising artist from South London who really caught people’s attention with song ‘Trappin’, which has garnered over 21,000 views on the video so far. She started releasing music in 2017 and has been on a rise ever since. With influences like Christina Millian, Missy Elliot and the Spice Girls. She gives us a sound that is a myriad of genres, exclusively new and unique within the UK scene. I met up with her on a shoot with photographer Gillian, where we spoke about her journey.

From a young age, I was always encouraged to express myself through music. Growing up the influence was all around me as both my parents were musicians. A good memory I have is when my dad had these huge Yamaha speakers that he used to blast music from. And we just used to celebrate life and music together. My household boosted my love for my art and birthed this excitement in me to develop myself as a musician. No matter where I was or what I was doing, I always knew I was gonna end up singing.

I'm quite familiar with different genres of music, my music taste is very versatile but I wouldn’t define myself in any of them. I'm varied with my songs because I don't want to get stuck in a box. I don't want to do that to myself and I don't want others to put me in a box either. I'm trying to show people what’s real with me and tell real stories. These may not necessarily be my personal stories but they are in my  reality. And my reality changes often, so I want my music and sound to reflect this. Music is much bigger than genres. To me it’s more to do with who you are and who you wanna be… that guides me.

I’m excited for people to see this side of me. I'm defining myself through my music, my values and my appearance. I'm all about having positive attention but for who I really am, so I'm not going to pretend or provide an image that’s fake. I want to look how I feel, which is to be natural and free. I'm aware that I can have a platform and be a role model to young girls. So I don’t want to produce
an image that is unattainable. But inspire them to be themselves, be natural and be creative.

I have actually become quite self-sufficient in my journey so far, and I'm happy with that. It’s nice to have a lot of control over what I’m doing and creating. It has lead to a lot of opportunities for me even though I don't have any formal management. My requirements can become quite personal and I haven’t yet felt that fit. So until then, I'm going to just make sure I'm creating and moving forward. I believe in myself. And I trust that things will always work out and go in my favour.