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We asked Chams to share some of her memorable NFTR interviews that she has done so far.


I loved Wiley, because you don’t know what answer you’re going to get at any one stage.


I loved Wretch’s delivery.  I love hearing him speak, it feels like he’s rapping or singing a song to you. Its hard to interact with him sometimes because you’re enjoying what he's saying so much, so you’re there with your mouth open thinking yeah that’s a good point. 


Donaeos spoke about issues that are really important. He spoke about having to juggle his music and his job. A lot of people think things are 0-100, but there is a lot of intermediary stages. He's had highs and lows and he's been consistent at the same time. I just really value that. A lot of musicians can end up going crazy because a lack of understanding as to how the process works. 


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