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Chams is a woman of many talents, “I do confidence coaching, I own a modelling agency called Face4Music, which is a curve agency, I’m a radio host on mornings unfiltered and a show called Not For The Radio.” We met her at Radar Radio after her Morning Unfiltered show. She talks about a book she just finished, titled ‘Change Your Words Change Your Life’  which is about how negative words have an effect over our lives. At the moment she's working on removing ‘sick’ from her vocabulary because of the negative connotations it has. She believes in the law of attraction and hearing her story she seems like a good example of it. After graduating from university, Chams decided to quit her job and started Face4Music with her best friend Lina. It began “as a directory bringing people[models and clients] together via Myspace. I started to go down to the shoots, because I don’t know these people I’m putting together. I spoke Lina who said, “Don’t know how we’re going to do it, but lets explore this.’ We started to execute mainly music videos and then it just kind of grew.” 

Not to say that they haven’t had the troubles along on the way, but down to their perseverance and business acumen it is now an award winning agency which has grown substantially. Not only do models contact them if they wish to join the agency, they have moved on from just music videos; The most exciting thing is definitely when we started to get TV commercials and catalogue. These huge brands actually want to [work with us].” Thanks to Face4Music, many other opportunities have come her way. Chams is a host on Not For The Radio, no holds barred interviews “I know that a lot pf people are scared to come on NFTR cos they are not sure what we’re gonna ask.” She’s also involved with Mornings Unfiltered on Radar Radio “When they [Radar Radio] said you can say what you want, I was like you lot might have me now because I don’t like to be disciplined.”  Here is some advice from Chams on modelling and running a successful business.


Modelling tips

Traditionally people who were curvy would be pushed into glamour. If you look at a M&S lingerie advert you think, that’s a nice lingerie set, she looks beautiful. Where as if you look at someone who’s doing glamour everything about it is just oozing sex. It’s weird because they are both wearing underwear and showing an equal amount of flesh but facial expressions, body stance and everything make a big difference.

Music videos don’t pay that great. I always see loads of modelling agencies popping up saying they’re going to do music videos as well. That’s great and I’m happy to share the platform. However, in terms of aspirations, it’s not that grand. As an agent you get 20% and 20% of hardly anything isn’t amazing.


The modelling industry is really delicate. There are a lot of scam agencies out there who don’t pay models, charge them millions of pounds for portfolios and shit. It is the agencies responsibility to develop your portfolio, but vulnerable people that want to be seen or heard don’t really understand that or know that.



Business tips

There will always be people you can’t please. I can't expect everyone to see my perspective because you can never see 360°, only an angle of that. I can see my angle and this chunk looks good, for other people they might see a rotten apple and I’m happy for them to have their opinions. As long as the people that are within my network feel that I’m celebrating them in the right way and they feel empowered afterwards, that’s all I care about.


I’m creative and free, Lina likes structure and enjoys administrative stuff. We have the same values and morals but we operate differently.  Its about morals more than it’s about relationships. Some people get along well but don’t share the same moral codes. Both of us understand business will take precedence.

Your skills don’t always go hand in hand with perfection. Do some research, figure out what fields and areas you want to go into. Just get started, because everybody waits until stuff is perfect. When we started it wasn’t perfect, we didn’t even know how to run a modelling agency, we just started running with it. We hit loads of hurdles en route but eventually we came to our own way of running things and I think it works out pretty cool that way. 



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