Introducing: cASSIE RYTZ

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Words: Hannah Olarewaju

Allow us to introduce Cassie Rytz. Not that she really needs an introduction if you have ever seen the fast-spitting musician on Instagram. Her popular freestyle challenges such as the #freakyfridaychallenge have gathered hundreds of views. Or you’ve seen her in the recent Galdem Sugar documentary on BBC Three: a six episode series on women in grime. 

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Either way, it’s time you get to know the UK’s next grime superstar. This artist has the gritty delivery which you expect from grime, but has a unique flow and good diction despite how fast she’s going. Cassie Rytz has had an interesting journey so far, already in the right spaces, doing the right things. And with a growing audience and support from the industry, this young MC has big things ahead. We caught up with her to find out the inspiration behind new single ‘Shell’ and what collaborating with other artists has taught her. What’s the inspiration behind Shell and why did you write it?


“'Shell' is about expressing my emotions. From words I’ve received from people that I don’t really like to personal issues and everything that’s happened in my life, I felt like it was the best opportunity to channel my anger into one track without the need for a bridge or chorus.”


When is the best time for people to listen to your music?


“I would say if you are feeling up, feeling like a boss or feeling empowered and you want something to uplift your mood even more. My songs are the best for that.”


What the most enjoyable aspect of creating music for you?


“The most enjoyable aspect is going to the studio, creating different ideas with the producer and just catching a really good vibe. I think that’s the most important thing, to just have fun, have a laugh and create something you have a good feeling about.”


What’s it like collaborating with other artists?


“Collaborating with other artists has been fun! It’s taken me by surprise that certain artists want to work with me, because I usually make music on my own. So to know that there are other artists out there, who not only listen to me but want to reach out and work with me, is an incredible feeling!” 


What’s next for Cassie Rytz?


“I would love to do more shows. Hopefully start touring, travelling and doing festivals abroad just like Splash Festival in Germany where I will be performing later this year! Also getting the opportunity to meet my idols and hopefully work with them one day!”