Catch up with Casscade

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North West London’s Casscade is known for his flamboyant bars and lyric packed rap tracks with an RnB/trap flavour. He recently dropped fresh visuals for his single Hurry Up & Buy a wavy jam feat. German rapper, Joshi Mizu. We caught up with Casscade to see how he's been.


How are you doing during this period?

I'm all good. Alive and healthy at the moment so I can't complain. I've just been trying to keep busy if I'm totally honest!

What are you doing to stay sane and keep creative?

I've just been keeping an extra eye out for new music and visual arts. With the lockdown in place I feel there's a big push for anything with dope visual aesthetics. TikTok is a prime example. People are creative as hell on there with some of their videos and those are the ones I've seen get the most appreciation (Besides big dance songs). So I've just been taking these kind of things in and studying. I've also got my own little music set up so I've been experimenting.


What have you been doing to stay entertained?

I've just been keeping my eye on out new music. Partynextdoor's album is dope. Youtube put me onto with this artist called Thundercat. Dropped a wavy new single called Dragonball Durag. Issa vibe! Besides that been keeping my ear to the streets. I like that Skepta x Chip x Young Adz project. My brother Joshimizu is dropping his album next month so if you like foreign rap be sure to check that out. I've been meaning to check out some new series'. Everybody been talking about Money Heist but I haven't got round to it. I ended up checking out an anime called Fullmetal: Alchemist Brotherhood due to twitter recommendations. Kinda old but it SLAPS! I need to pick up a book though.

Have you learnt anything new about yourself in this period?

Erm... Not really. I've always been very mentally aware of myself and someone who just naturally does other things in spare time so it hasn't affected me too much. Although... I do miss my outdoor trips/events, linking up with the mandem and my shisha spots. Only thing I could think is some things I thought I'd grown out of I still like. 

It’s a hard time for a lot of people, any advice to people who are finding it difficult?

I would just advise to indulge in things they've never had the time to. You could've enjoyed being a gamer back in the day but as you've gotten older you haven't had time; now's the perfect time to purchase or pull out your PS4 and connect with your childhood. Maybe you wanted you to become an artist but never taken the leap of faith... Why not hone your skills and invest in a little home studio. Youtube is best friend in times like these. I actually learned how to mix all my own music from Youtube tutorials once I was set with all the right programs so yeah just try be productive but leisure at the same time. Don't ever get caught in this narrative that the internet may push that you HAVE to walk out of this with a skill. Having down time is good too but it definitely is profitable for you to come out of this with a new skill. You may never get this time to reset again. Nobody knows what's in store after and the only thing you can do is be ready


How do you think the government is handling the crisis?

Not the greatest to be honest. I don't think the right precautions were taken at the very start to prevent the outbreak. A lot of the things that happened later should have been happening earlier. I just don't feel like there's been an urgency to protect the people. God bless the NHS!


This is a perfect time for people who haven’t heard of you to go and listen to your catalogue, where would u suggest they start?

I'd suggest your usual suspects; Spotify etc as my debut project "Ignorance Is Bliss" is on there but if you really want to see the journey in audio format, I'd suggest Soundcloud for sure!


What’s the first thing you’re going to do when this is all over?

I think this situation has really made me reflect on life. Like I said before... I'm sure people have never had a moment to reset and actually think about things. Things like; what are they actually into? What were they like before the constant run paper chasing? Reflect on life choices, the importance of family and more. Sometimes we take freedom and health for granted. I'm sure everyone's seen the memes but I'll definitely be taking back all the times I slept instead of heading to the motive. Once this is over, it's December 31st all over again and more music! Haha.