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Cartae - minutes

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Rnb songstress Cartae has released her debut EP 'Minutes'. The 6-song project delves into Cartae’s take on love. From being head over heels, in ‘Coast To Coast’ to having certain doubts in ‘I Need You’, there is a full take on the emotions that those dating or in love will be able relate to. With the only feature on the project her fellow Mini Kingz collaborator, BenjiFlow, the alt Rnb project shows of Cartae’s strong vocals over soulful, rnb and pop beats. We caught up with Cartae since releasing the project to tell us more about it.

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Congratulations on your release, how are you feeling?

Thank you. I’m feeling as good as it gets right now. This EP has been a long time coming and to have it finally come out means everything.

How long have you been working on the project for and what does it mean to you?

I’ve been working on it for a few years now. I’ve made so many demos it’s ridiculous but I’m glad I took my time and waited for the right songs to come through.

The project is emotional and takes us through a journey of you being in love and having some doubts, how has it been for you making it?
Some of the songs are personal stories and others are from the perspective of others. Things I overheard or someone told me. Writing from the perspectives of others allows me to tap into a new space. It's no longer about me and how I feel, it becomes bigger... about how someone else might feel and what they would say. 


What do you want listeners to get from the project?

I wrote these songs because somebody needed to hear them so I hope I’m able to reach that somebody and give them that feeling they have been searching for. 

'minutes' breakdown by cartae

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Want to know
Frustration. Being tired of waiting for someone to tell me how they feel, so I start giving ultimatums.

I Need You
I saw this meme about a guy trying to break up with his girl and she just says nah and carries on as normal. It made me laugh so I wrote a song based on it. Benjiflow is on the track also from the male perspective.

Coast To Coast 
BAECATION. I wrote this one for the lovers.

Flirting with the prospect of love and asking him to come with me.

Is This Love
I met this guy and started to consider love at first sight until the reality of it kicked in. This was actually the first song I wrote for the EP. 

You Care

What happens when a guy tries to chat me up with his best lines and I’m just not interested. The lyrics are all the things he says to try and impress me. It goes back and forth between what he’s saying and what I’m thinking. 

Words: Lauren Demir

Photo: Joe Kid