bl@ckbox best freestyles

We asked Lotes and Python to share with the top Blackbox freestyles with us, in no particular order

1. Daff

Impact wise Daff because it kicked off.

He was the 1st person for our kind of area, where people from London, Birmingham,  Manchester were taking him in and were like, this is some real shit. And it was on my beat as well that was even more. He's not here at the moment either so free Daff. 

2. Potter Payper

When we met Potter he didn’t have a twitter, didn’t have an email, didn’t have any music recorded he didn’t have anything. We literally made him a twitter on the day. You see when I hear a talented Blackbox I pull them to one side. With Potter, we did Training Day.

3. mover

You see with Mover, he such an accomplished musician when I listen to his bars when he raps, it doesn’t sound like a freestyle, it sounds like a song.

4. J HUS

J Hus had like 700/800 views on a freestyle and he @ me. I clicked on it, I was like “Oh my days this kid is sick.” I was showing him to the mandem and a couple people were like err but I was like “Nah he's gonna blow.” I got him down for a Blackbox and I think within 8 months of that he was at the Mobo awards.


Dave was unbelievable, we were gobsmacked. He's destined for big things. The conversation between me and Dave before Blackbox was ‘How much for a freestyle?’ ‘£80’ ‘Say nothing, when  you next filming?’ I put a date and address, “I’ll be there” I didn’t hear nothing. No buzz, no recording, that was literally the whole conversation.


So young as well. He came with 3 boys and they all put [money] in. Then I heard him, he got me emotional still. But thats why we do it for. Those moments there, they are the moments.

6.Abra Cadabra

In about a week his Blackbox will overtake everything on the channel.


Abz is flying still he hasn’t stopped, Abz will have a good career.


And what I have heard that he's going to release as well is fire.


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