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A packed out venue chanting ‘AJ’ long before he was due on stage, this is nothing new West London’s AJ Tracey. Especially at his sold out London show.


Yung Fume opened the stage with a performance that had the audience moshing as if he were the main act and shouting lyrics back to him in unison. He filled the stage with his presence and was clearly as hyped by his own performance as the crowd was.


When AJ burst onto the stage right on time, the crowd lost it with girls screaming left right and centre. A couple of people were pulled from the stalls and given water by security when the heat and closeness of the venue got too much but refused to miss the performance and waded straight back in.


As big as the stage was the visuals behind him were insane and made the entire performance look like a live music video and as one of his most popular songs ‘Lover/Loser’ started everybody shouted the lyrics back in full force.


As if a lit performance from Yung Fume wasn’t enough AJ bought out Dave, MoStack and Not3s to perform all of his collaborations sending the crowd into meltdown. The way the crowd was so mixed showed that AJ is loved by everyone and not a single person looked disappointed in the night.