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Written by: Lauren Demir
Photos: David Franco
Collages: Annie Mcgill

The first thing that comes across about A.G when you talk to her is her enthusiasm for music. She recalls of how she has been passionate about music from young. In primary school she was taping instrumentals over blank cd’s she had stolen from school to rap over, to being that kid in secondary playing the latest instrumentals on her Samsung d600 with her v5 speaker. After getting kicked out of school for having an altercation with a teacher, she started an online blog talking about grime and interviewing friends involved in music. The blog started gaining attention so a friend suggested that she should try radio due to her knowledge and opinions on the genre. From there thats when she decided to jump on pirate radio and started her grime talk show.

Now, The MnM show is on NTS every Thursday 10pm-12am fortnightly, with A.G spinning the latest tracks and having guests such as Maniac, Trim and President T. She explains how its sometimes can be surreal for her ‘I'm a proper fan and all these guys they’re mad humble, and you’re gassed. You’ll be like wait hold on I can tell you your bars!’ This love and appreciation of music is what has enabled her to have so many opportunities. She played at Outlook festival, Afropunk, has run dj workshops for younger girls, and collaborated with brands such as Cahartt. Last year she took over  Sian Anderson 1xtra guestmix segment for a whole month to her surprise  ‘I was meant to do 1 mix, done the mix, went to bed. The next day I woke up and people were telling me ‘Congratulations!’ I was like, ‘Why are you congratulating me, go on Instagram and see Sians announced ‘A.G taking over my show for the month’.

A.G  is refreshingly honest and open when we meet her. She explains how she started her .G Style parties, ‘I wanted to have fun night with dj’s that aren't boring, djs that put heir own flair to things, not just playing popular music.’ She admits so far it’s been a family affair as its mainly her friends she's invited to shut down the rave. She makes sure to name everyone she rates throughout the interview mentioning a list of names, as she's wants to see everyone doing well (Snoochie Shy, Kemar Bamz, Sian Anderson, Nadia Rose Nico, Lindsay to name a few.) How genuine and fearless she is has allowed her to make the most out of every opportunity she’s had, ‘If you get the opportunity just do it. You either you sink or swim.’

MNM Show

The MnM show is my baby. I was getting jobs just so I could get dj equipment on loan, pay subs, travel to radio which I was doing for free. It got to a point where you’re like hold on if I’m putting all my p’s into to this, then this shit has to be mine, I’ve got to be me. I was like fuck it I want to enjoy this, I don’t want to do anything that I don’t enjoy. I’ve seen a lot of people put on acts and it breaks them and I never ever wanted thats just so long.


The MnM showcase I get to play new music, the 1st 7 songs I get sent. Sometimes I play a really sick track and I want to play it again and again. You want artists to know that their music isn’t disposable, this is just a segment in the show. I’ll  play your songs in the raves when I do guest mixes and guest shows and stuff like that.

Fave shows

1.  P Money’s one of my favourite artists. I’ve always been around grime but when you’re up and coming you don’t feel like you’re part of no grime scene. To have him bring me on Rinse, then come on my show, then book me for fabric for the 1st time. That was a big deal for me and I’ll always show him respect. I’ve seen him do it loads, give people a coming up a nudge in the right direction and he doesn’t have to do that.


2.  I had Nico Lindsay and Trim, shout out Nico Lindsay. This was my first year on the station and this show won one of the best highlights of 2016 on NTS. I grew up listening to Trim, I got in trouble at secondary school because of Trim lyrics thats how much I was listening to him. Then he’s coming on my show and we’re bussing joke and shit, like bruv is this real.


3.  There was a show I got a jingle from Stush. I played Stush she as my throwback Thursday and then I played the Stush Jingle. I grew up taping Stush on a cassette and then you’re paying a Stus jingle in 2016. No-one can tell me anything, that is throwback Thursday for real.

.G Style Parties

I put .G Style together because I wanted to have fun night with dj’s that aren't boring, that put their own flair to things. I go to a rave with usb full of music and I don’t plan my set, I just play what I want to. You’ve got to finesse your sets, have flair with what you’re doing. Thats why I stated .G Style, to showcase those kind of dj’s. I do a back to back at the end of each rave with all the dj’s at the end and its just sick.


If I got hit by a car, I’ve actually lived a good portion of my life doing what the fuck I wanted to do. I’d be pissed because there is bare to achieve but I’ve had good times. You might as well live life trying to do something you enjoy.


You don’t want to be a dj thats got no style, no originality, nothing of you in your selection. The quickest trick to getting to be a good dj is playing music that you actually like, not just playing popular music. If you actually like the music, you’re hearing different things, you learn it, understand it, know where it’s flowing.

Future plans

I’m expanding .G Style which is something I want to do. My plan for the rest of the year is to maintain everything I‘ve started. It’s really easy to start things but its hard to keep them going. I want to get things to that point of auto pilot so they can run and I don’t have to stress as much, thats my biggest goal.




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